First Day & the Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017 at 3:02 PM

Today is the first day of school, and we are looking forward to seeing all our Spartans!  It will be an exciting first day back! As you are aware, tomorrow there will be solar eclipse.  We want to keep our parents/guardians informed in the event you have any questions.

·      Teachers will be educating their students about the solar eclipse.  They will also discuss the dangers of looking directly at the sun during the solar eclipse.

·      We are prepared for the impact to schedules presented by the eclipse.  We are following our rainy day/poor air quality procedures in which we conduct alternate recess activities between 9 and noon. 

·       Mrs. Vermillion, Mr. Downer, and Dr. Vue will be assisting by monitoring hallways and reminding students as they walk to the restroom to take proper precautions.

·      We will be on a special lunch schedule due to the eclipse:

               Grade 1            11:50am-12:20pm

               Grade 2            12:05pm-12:35pm

               Grade 3            12:20pm-12:50pm

               Grade 4            12:35pm-1:05pm

               Grade 5            12:50pm-1:20pm

               Grade 6            1:05pm-1:35pm

·       Please be aware that California is not in the path of “totality” (the swath of the U.S. which will experience a total solar eclipse), instead we will experience a partial solar eclipse. We are taking precautions to follow the safety recommendations shared by NASA during an eclipse.

·       We are well aware of the eclipse, the relative risks involved if you look directly at the sun, and the potential for some great science lessons that can be incorporated around the eclipse.  Our nursing team is also involved in making sure that each of our sites are well prepared to maximize the learning opportunities and minimize the safety risks presented by the eclipse. 

·      Additionally, we are following the recommended safety steps publicized by NASA on their eclipse website