April 21, 2016 at 11:14 AM

Tarpey students had so much fun April 20, 2016  with the SAM(Science, Art, and Music) Academy. It was great to see them building their boats out of milk cartons, using cork and other materials to see which one would float the best. They built cars to race down another ramp and not tip going down these ramps. Students had to figure out what type of wing would work best on their rockets that they then got to launch! It was interesting watching the students problem solve, figuring out how could they improve their boat/cars/rockets so that they would be faster, able to go farther, or not tip over. They were so excited when something they tried worked! Third grade really got into their open and closed circuits, trying to see who could make their fans work, lights go on, bells ring. The  looks on all of the students’ faces as they moved from station to station, trying to get in all five stations, was total excitement!