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2nd Act: ASES Enrollment window for 2021-22 is open until June 30th
There will be a second round of ASES enrollment opening  for ASES 2021-2022
Click HERE

We are returning to in-person program in August and will once again use a link for online enrollment/application. 
Anyone interested in applying for the program will need to contact me ([email protected]) to receive the link. Please watch this video and follow the steps:  ASES 2021-22
Participation in the online enrollment process does not guarantee placement for their child/children.
Parents interested in enrolling multiple children in their family need only use the link once; there is an opportunity to enroll additional children during the video. 

A Tarpey ASES parent meeting (either virtual or in-person) will be held later after parents have completed the enrollment process.
If anyone has questions they may contact me at [email protected] (quickest response) or 327-8000.
Thank you!
Mrs. Willsie, ASES Program Coordinator